knowledge creation and management

Knowledge Creation and Management

As a former journalist and long-time hobby writer, documentation has been a favorite of mine since the very beginning of my career in Support. I’ve pursued the art (and science!) of knowledge creation and management at every company for which I’ve worked, in some places building a knowledge center from scratch and in others optimizing already robust content. I’ve detailed my experience in this area below, organized by company and role.


Support Engineer III, then Support Engineer Manager

As the transitional Support Engineering Manager (November 2021 to February 2022, when the company was undergoing a change of ownership), I led the Support team of 2. During this time, I designed a process to audit our existing external documentation, and began the process of updating our help center to reflect our product post-acquisition.

I also developed a basic Abstract training program for new Support Engineers following the transition (delivered via Trainual, Scribe, and Guru) to orient them on our internal processes and policies, teach our support tools and tech, and train them to use our product.

For our agent-facing resources, I implemented and managed Guru as an internal knowledge base for the Support team and transitioned it to become a larger solution for the organization. I trained the team on how to use Guru and devised processes for building and maintaining our Guru instance.

Khan Academy

Community Support Lead

I was the primary responsible for the Khan Academy Help Center, managing all processes for updating and maintaining its content, which consisted of 650+ articles across 3 languages. I planned and led our yearly audit of the entire Help Center for accuracy and quality, creating and training our wonderful vendor agents on our style and content guidelines and managing their work. This was actually my first task as the Community Support Lead, successfully launching our first audit within six weeks of my onboarding!

As Community Liaison, I also recruited, coordinated, and trained 20-30 community volunteers in the Challenge Council, Guardian, and Support Advocate volunteer programs. In 2020, I refreshed the Guardian volunteer program by producing a volunteer handbook, designing and delivering online training, and updating the program’s internal knowledge base.

Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse Software)

Customer Experience Representative

Continuing my love for documentation, I frequently contributed to the internal knowledge base, the Shortcut Help Center, and planned and managed a successful campaign to update and optimize 80% of our public knowledge base to make it easier for users to find and read information about Shortcut. I also occasionally contributed to our marketing materials, with an emphasis on matching the joyful, people-first tone of the Shortcut app.

Internally, I created a short video series introducing new Support team members to the Shortcut product (you can check those out here) and co-wrote and co-hosted the webinar Getting Started with Clubhouse and accompanying live Q&A session to nearly 100 attendees. I also helped design the curriculum for the webinar and contributed to the slide content and written resources.

At an Operations level, I assisted in writing and documenting internal Support processes and I provided training on Shortcut to new employees.


Customer Happiness Hero

This is where knowledge management became a passion! I built a public help center from the ground up (writing over 60 articles). I wrote style, use, and content guidelines for content published in our knowledge base, advised on the best support and knowledge base software solutions to meet our company’s evolving needs, and I developed guidance for Support social media engagement.

Mod Squad (formerly Metaverse Mod Squad)

Customer Advocate and Consultant

Where I got my first taste for documentation — I helped enterprise customers for a major SaaS helpdesk platform resolve technical issues with and set up their helpdesks, help centers, and reporting.