Community Management and Moderation

As I’ve talked about before, I’ve been active in fandom communities for over 20 years now. Because I’ve spent so much time learning and growing on the internet, I’ve gravitated toward community management and moderation in my professional life as well.

This means that I have a deep appreciation and affection for the unique culture that’s created in these spaces, but also a deep respect and understanding for the special considerations and concerns that come with building and moderating online communities and social media. I’ve shared my experience in community management and moderation below, organized by company and role.

Support Driven

Active Member Since 2017

Okay, so this obviously isn’t a job. But I’ve been an active member of this vibrant professional community for many years, and it’s given me the opportunity to grow, help others grow, and meet customer enthusiasts from all over the world.

Support Driven is a community of professionals in Customer Support and Success helping each other. We’re most active on Slack, where we share best practices in Support, help each other navigate Support career paths and achieve career goals, and connect each other to subject matter experts, tools, and new job opportunities.

We also have conferences twice a year (pandemics notwithstanding), so there’s plenty of opportunity to build the community in-person too. For instance, I’ve helped presenters in the Support Driven Expo to fine-tune and submit their presentations, maintain deadlines, and get to the right places during the conferences. I’ve also served as an emcee for a block of the conference, introducing presenters and their talks and warming up the audience.

Khan Academy

Community Support Lead

I built and encouraged a healthy, safe, and productive community on Khan Academy and in the Support Community as Community Liaison. I conceived and managed our community safety investigation program, devising investigation and policy guidance and training our safety staff to proactively identify and respond to risks to protect the safety, privacy, and security of our learner community.

I also recruited, coordinated, and trained 20-30 community volunteers in the Challenge Council, Guardian, and Support Advocate volunteer programs. In 2020, I refreshed the Guardian volunteer program by producing a volunteer handbook, designing and delivering online training, and updating the program’s internal knowledge base.

Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse Software)

Customer Experience Representative

I helped get Shortcut’s first Slack user community off the ground, setting up processes and engaging with users regularly to encourage participation and gather product feedback.

I co-wrote and co-hosted the webinar Getting Started with Clubhouse and accompanying live Q&A session to nearly 100 attendees. I also helped design the curriculum for the webinar and contributed to the slide content and written resources.


Customer Happiness Hero

I developed official style and tone guidance for Support social media engagement (primarily over Facebook but also occasionally on Twitter). I also led the effort to answer customer concerns and questions on Facebook, turning potentially negative interactions into positive memories for our customers and positive reviews for the company.


Customer Advocate, Consultant, and Content Moderator

As a Customer Advocate and Consultant at Mod Squad, I moderated content and images for social media platforms, following established client guidelines to ensure a safe and fun experience for all users.