From webinars to help center articles, I teach customers what they need to know to be successful. Check out samples from my portfolio below.

Webinar: Getting Started with Clubhouse

Co-Presenter / Co-Writer

The Getting Started in Clubhouse webinar was a culmination of many hours of writing and preparation, and was an event I hugely enjoyed. To help make this webinar a success, I co-wrote the script and co-hosted the webinar and accompanying live Q&A session to nearly 100 attendees. I also helped design the curriculum for the webinar and contributed to the slide content and written resources.

Help Center: Clubhouse Software

Clubhouse Help Center, Stephanie Lundberg Portfolio
manager / Writer

I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the Clubhouse Help Center by planning and managing a campaign to update 80% of its content, as well as optimizing it for automated self-service (through Zendesk’s Answer Bot). I’ve also written many articles for the Help Center, covering everything from product features to how-tos to new releases.

Help Center: ProTrainings

ProTrainings Help Center, Stephanie Lundberg Portfolio
Manager / Technical Writer

Having spent much of my time with ModSquad working on client knowledge bases, I came to ProTrainings with an enthusiasm for customer self-service. I advocated for the Help Center and wrote over 60 of its articles. Getting the ProTrainings KB off the ground is one of my proudest achievements, and collaborating with all of our teams to make the KB a useful, accurate, and enduring source of information for their customers was a fantastic experience.



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